I Hate Blogging

I hate blogging. There, I said it. When I started my adventure almost one year ago, I had these amazing plans for my blog to be a weekly update to document everything that happens to me. I wanted it to be a way to share with others (especially my close friends and family) as well as a way for me to remember things myself. I soon realized that blogging was hard. And time consuming. After I write, I re-write and edit and add pictures and re-write again and again. I am not a perfectionist, but I am incredibly detail-oriented, and will spend hours fighting with WordPress to make sure the justification on a photo caption is just so. Blogging started to feel like a job to me. A job that I wasn’t being paid for. I didn’t feel like working, so I quit my blogging job. Just like that, I realized that if I didn’t want to do it anymore, I didn’t have to.

One of my awesome Instagram photos

One of my awesome Instagram photos

However, there are two times that I feel like blogging. One is when I re-read my old blogs and it brings back memories of where I have been and what I was feeling at the time. I want to remember everything I have been going through. I tell myself that the photos I take will be enough, but I’m not so sure. Although my Instagram account is pretty killer right now, it is quite possible that I am forgetting memories as we speak. What’s funny is, I actually write blogs in my head almost every day. I think while I’m walking on the beach, hey, this would be interesting to write about. I even have a file on my iPhone notepad of future blog topics, many of which will probably never be written.

I have an unwritten blog about what makes a beautiful beach

I have an unwritten blog about what makes a beautiful beach

The second time I feel like blogging is when I read other people’s blogs. I am obsessed with travel blogs and probably follow at least 20 different travel bloggers around the planet. I am fascinated not only with the destinations and recommendations, but their voices and their views and often the views of their followers. I actually follow some bloggers who I completely disagree with their opinions and actions on the road and travel style, but I am riveted by their blogs, as I can’t wait to see what they will do or say next.  Today I spent some time reading a friend’s blog and was dazed by how personal it was and how vividly he expressed himself in his writing and how grateful he is going to be to have this documentation later in life. I was inspired by his candor, and although you won’t catch me writing about my almost-non-existent love life on my blog, I feel the desire to write again, and I want to share and I want something for myself to remember.

So I have recommitted myself to this “job” that I quit in January, and I am going to try to change my attitude on it, and try to think of it less as a job and more as a gym workout, where I hate going, but always feel better after. Look at that. I feel better already. Maybe I don’t hate blogging after all….

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2 thoughts on “I Hate Blogging

  1. surfervamp

    that beach is breath-taking……and YAY – glad you are posting again, I admire your writings just as you admire your friend’s.

  2. Lenore

    I will look forward to your “start up” blogging again. Then take a break for a while and blog again….etc. We will be here ready for what’s new and travel vicariously with you.
    Hugs to you Laurie.

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