What’s Next for Laurie?

Hey friends, family and fans of Living La Vida Laurie.  I hope I still have some fans out there, after the months of silence I have had on this blog.  I’m glad you’re here reading, because I need to ask for some help.  I am finally done travelling.  Yup, you heard that right.  I am tired of traveling.  After almost 3 years, I can finally say that I am over it.  There is no place I’m dying to visit.  I am no longer fantasizing about new horizons and strange languages and new people.  My fantasies are now about having my own pillow and relationships that last longer than 2 weeks and a routine and basically a “normal” life.  I’m dreaming of a tiny room or apartment…maybe something the size of a hotel room that is all mine.  I want to surround myself with the small souvenirs I picked up during my travels, like the mini-Persian carpet from Iran, the stamped aluminum mugs from Thailand, the mini Loch Ness monster statue from Scotland, the gorgeous fabric from Bali, the jade cat from Guatemala and the ceramic bowls from Peru.  I want to join a gym and a yoga studio and start a book club and start volunteering with cats and find a local coffee shop and dive bar.  I am craving a quiet, simple life.  The problem…I’m not sure where to do this.

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Option #1-San Francisco:

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I could easily head back to San Francisco, and re-start my life there.  I love San Francisco and always have and always will.  I spent 17 years there, practically my entire adult life.  I still have friends I love there (although many have moved away in the last three years).  I think I could easily start my consulting business again in the Bay Area.  I have already reached out to some previously clients, who have expressed an interest in rehiring me, which is a great feeling.  San Francisco is a logical and safe place to go.  I might just go back there.  But another part of me is looking for a clean slate.  A fresh start…

Option #2-Southern California (LA or San Diego):

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I’ve been entertaining the idea of starting fresh in a new city where I don’t know anyone.  Something about this is exciting and terrifying to me.  I would love to start my consulting business again from scratch, as a challenge to see if I could.  Or maybe even get a new job in an entirely different field.  After spending the last few weeks in Upstate New York visiting my family, I have decided that I am a warm weather kinda gal, and I’m not a fan of cold or snow (sorry mom).  I want to live somewhere where I can walk around outside with sun on my face most days.  I also want to be near the ocean.  So LA or San Diego are on my short list, leaning more toward San Diego as there are many biotech companies there, if I want to start my consulting business again.  The biggest issue with this option is money.  I have left myself some cash to get started again, but I know how difficult starting a business is.  It took me 18 months when I started Carvill Consulting the first time to really get traction and make enough money to survive.  I don’t have 18 months of runway at this point, so either I would have to be successful faster or get a job for a while, save up more money and start the business again.

Option #3-Someplace else:


I have entertained ideas of moving to a few other places in the U.S.  The Washington DC area is one place on the list, although they really blew it this year in the snow department.  I am going to be a first-time aunt in June, and my brother and his wife live outside of DC, so it would be great to be close to my new nephew.  I sometimes think about the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina area.  I have no idea why.  I’ve never spent any time there. I don’t know many people there.  I just feel like it would be a nice place.  I have also had some quickly passing thoughts about Austin, the city in Texas that is not like Texas.

So this is where I need help.  I’m looking to all my friends and family to help me decide what the heck I’m going to do next.  I would love to hear from anyone who has ideas or opinions on the options above, job leads, apartment leads, housesitting opportunities, words of encouragement, or even suggestions on how to make a decision as I am stuck.  Maybe you know someone who is looking for a roommate or your company is looking to hire a well-travelled engineer.  I am really excited about the next chapter in my life; I just need help finding out where that is going to be.  So I’m wide open to suggestions.  Email me, comment below, and share your thoughts.  Love and peace to all….  xo Laurie

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